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The world is changing,
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Our mission is to make learning immersive, fun, and interactive. We believe that augmented reality can transform education into a remarkable learning experience.

Our Mission

Our Goal

Welcome to the world of Bibia IE!
We believe that augmented reality is the future, and we want to create a huge library of augmented reality content that you can access from anywhere. Whether you're at home or on the go, wherever you are in the world, we have something for everyone.


Eve Vicario

Our Story

After finishing her degree in MS Mathematics Education, Evelyn and her two professors authored a book. One of her professors said that there was something that she could do that they could not, and that was to illustrate math problems. Evelyn continued her book writing; she wrote three mathematics workbooks and stories. However, the cost of printing and submitting to a distributor became a challenge. Evelyn was about to give up when she met the producer of the Swan Princess, and she wrote and illustrated a Swan Princess book. At the same time, Evelyn tried to submit a prototype craft kit to Walmart Manufacturing Summit and passed the review. Evelyn was proud that her first buyer’s meeting was with a Walmart buyer. After that, Evelyn met with the National Science Foundation SBIR program manager who told her to add technology to her craft kit. Her daughter Abby suggested Augmented Reality, and the company started developing AR.